The World Food Programme’s (WFP) country office in Mozambique is implementing the Zero Post-Harvest Loss Project,  which aims (first) to reduce postharvest losses among farming families participating in WFP supply chains, (second) reduce food storage losses at the farmers level, and (third) foster market integration in the region by linking together farmers, agro-processors, and schools, with the objective to strengthen the supply chains of local staple foods. 

The objective of this work is to provide trainings to 2,000 smallholder farmers that are part of this project in Tete province. Angonia, Macanga, Tsangano, Changara, Marara and Cahora Bassa, on the following topics:

  • Post Harvest Handling and Storage
  • Major factors affecting grain quality
  • Pre-harvesting handling
  • Harvesting and Drying
  • Threshing and cleaning
  • Storage (moisture, fumigation, storage management)Post harvest technology (metal and clay silos, superbags, hermetic bags)