BAGC supports the design, development and deployment of public private partnerships. The primary objective is to alleviate the systemic problems that hinder the sustainable development of commercial agribusiness through risk sharing PPPs. The main focus is on infrastructure, technical support services, access to inputs and finance and the creating effective routes to market. 

This is conducted through specific coordinated interventions of Government, the public and private sectors: These include:

Investment Promotion: Identifying and catalysing the deployment of additional private sector investments to support both downstream and upstream agribusiness activities.

Investment Coordination: Bringing together public organisations and private enterprise to discuss specific issues and create effective coordination and alignment. This drives better planned and implemented hard and soft infrastructure programmes that support agribusiness;

Smallholder Farmer Development: Ensure smallholders are firmly embedded in the program and are supported to enter commercial value chains;

Creating a conducive business environment: Working with government to create effective policies that are supportive of private-sector investment in commercial agriculture.

BAGC provides an institutionally neutral base to facilitate open communication and consult widely on decisions that improve long-term predictability of government policy that is pro-private sector.