Operational Regions

The Input Partnership is initially targeting smallholder irrigation schemes located in two geographical areas of the Beira Corridor. Both areas have relatively high levels of production, storage facilities, accessibility and further development potential. These cluster areas have the best potential to rapidly establish a commercial critical mass and economies of scale, and thereby produce results quicker than other areas

The two targeted clusters are:

  • Manica Cluster – the area around Chimoio, particularly the smallholder irrigation schemes to the west and south of the town and further north in Manica Province in the western areas of the Beira Corridor. The smallholder irrigation schemes were developed through the World Bank supported Sustainable Irrigation Development Project (PROIRRI)
  • Sofala Cluster – particularly the area around the rice irrigation schemes of Buzi, horticulture producing schemes and sugar cane plantations of Nhamatanda and further north west at the Gorongosa National Park.