The core objectives of the Inputs Partnership are to:

  • Develop commercially viable hub agro-dealer and retailer networks to serve smallholder irrigation schemes as well as nearby dryland areas;
  • Establish commercial viable relationships between suppliers of inputs and hub agro-dealers;
  • Improve productivity through access and increased use of fertilizers, seeds and agro-chemicals;
  • Improve access to input financing through collaboration with financing facilities and programmes;
  • Improve access to profitable markets for crops produced
  • Ensure the programme’s commercial partners develop a viable and regular revenue base
  • Establish a viable road-map to scale

The Inputs Partnership comprises initially of seven core partners that bring very specific and highly appropriate expertise and services to the programme.  The seven initial partners Partnership are:

  • Yara International,
  • Beira Agricultural Growth Corridor Secretariat,
  • African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP),
  • Prorustica Ltd,
  • Bayer Ltd,
  • K2 Seeds Pty Ltd and
  • Cooperative League of the United States of America (CLUSA).

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