The low usage of agricultural inputs in Mozambique presents an opportunity to raise production through adoption of yield-enhancing technologies. While the potential exists to increase fertilizer use on cash crops such as sugarcane, there is a significantly greater opportunity to increase its use on horticultural crops under irrigation which are currently under-fertilized and would have a greater impact on generating farm revenue and finding viable and reliable off-take arrangements.

This means that the major opportunity to substantially raise fertilizer and other inputs-use from current levels is to encourage increased intensification among farmers on the irrigation schemes who are using it cautiously and subsequently target those who have not yet adopted the technology.

The Mozambique Inputs Partnership is a public private partnership designed to increase production and productivity of smallholder farmers in a sustainable manner within the Beira Corridor through the use of proper fertilizer, improved seeds, crop protection, and best agricultural practices as supported by access to finance and secured markets.

As the Partnership has evolved so too has the ways in which the partners have developed and implemented their field activities. Focused and more relevant training sessions have been conducted. Within the constraints of COVID 19 social gathering restrictions, more focused and smaller group sessions have become the norm. This has meant that there are many more trainings being given but it also means that more positive interactions are occuring.

The Aims of the Partnership