The BAGC is registered as an Association under Mozambican law, with a broad-based, private and public sector membership, farmer organisations, service provider and policy maker / enabler stakeholders. Within this, the membership elected a representative Board to oversee the implementation of the Partnership’s objectives, comprising a sub-set of the most actively engaged stakeholders. The Board of Directors are drawn from each of the main constituents of the Partnership

The BAGC Secretariat is based within the Corridor provides a platform for the coordination and facilitation of operational support for the work of the partnership.

The specific tasks include:

  • Act as the focal point of coordination, planning of the BAGC development, bringing new partners into the partnership, and ensuring coherence in the activities, components, and strategies of collaborating partners.
  • Provide an overview of partners, potential partners, activities, and new trends in policies and sector developments and communicate these across the partnership.
  • Link the Agricultural Sector Lead Ministries and relevant parastatal bodiesFacilitate contact between donor organizations and their programmes, commercial agribusiness enterprises and local authorities for coordination of resources around specific BAGC investments
  • Develop new models for the support and integration of smallholder farming into mainstream commercial agricultureEstablish the criteria and subsequently carry out monitoring/evaluation of partnership activities.

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