This Newsletter largely covers the findings of an Independent Outcome Survey conducted in Q3/4 2022.  The purpose of the outcome survey was to provide an independent assessment of the project’s progress towards achieving the project goals. 

The main conclusions from the survey were that the introduction and subsequent strengthening of commercial ties between targeted agro-dealers and input suppliers has paid dividends with agrodealers now having a better understanding of the products supplied by the partner companies, the prices applied for reselling, as well as the terms of conditions for purchasing inputs. 

The encouraging productivity increases by farmers in certain marketable crops is also helping to create a sustainable set of supply chains. Closer monitoring of markets and the supply to those markets is required as well as focused attention on developing relationships and subsequent markets with larger more formal off takers. 

Building in a planned production/offtake regime that provides clear market signals to the farmers remains a priority for the programme that includes investment in aggregation/store houses and packing/cool storage sheds.   Securing supply chain sustainability is now the focus for the programme.

Future newsletters are planned to focus on other relevant topics of the Inputs Partnership such as inputs demand creation, a review of the agro-dealer network and its development and finally post cyclone infrastructure rehabilitation and the impact that the additional funds the Norwegian Embassy gave has had on the entire program.

We will look at the various approaches taken, the results and impact achieved, and lessons learned that will be taken forward into ensuring the sustainability of the partnership program.

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