K2 Seeds – one of the core commercial partners of the BAGC Inputs Partnership programme – has launched a promotional sales programme in the Beira Corridor. With up to 40% discounts on various hybrid seeds, farmers have shown keen interest to test out new varieties particularly as the new season gets under way.

A series of field days have been organised in conjunction with the sales programme. One such field day was held last week and conducted in Trangapasso a peri urban region of Chimoio, . A large group of farmers as well as local agro-dealers attended as well as the guest of honour, the SDAE director

K2 Seeds new hybrids
K2 Seeds agronomist showing the results of new cabbage hybrid

The objective of the field day was to showcase the cabbage hybrid seeds being introduced into the market, namely Tropicana, Oxylus, Amphion, and Caribbean queen.

K2 and a host farmer presented the agronomic practices used, the characteristics of the varieties and importantly for farmers what are the approximate costs and profit margins that can be made.

Production cost are estimated at about 7 meticals per cabbage head and net profit of about 13 meticals per head.

At the end of the day, participants appreciated the varieties noting various advantages in the varieties characteristics including potential yields.

Farmers and agrodealers listen to K2 Seeds sales pitch