We have been operating limited field days due to Covid 19. To limit interaction with producers the project has been promoting more individualised contact with producers using its extension staff that are resident within the irrigation schemes. Field days have been substituted by field visits, in which representatives of the Partnership have visited selected Demo sites and interacted with producers closer to these sites.  This has been a positive element as that many of the Partnership staff are resident in the locations where we operate and theretofore there is a need for limited travel in and out of the communities.

The pandemic has had a similar effect on agrodealer support with limitations on group training. Again, smaller training events have been arranged with greater social distancing and the wearing of masks  at all times. Agrodealers have reported that farmers have had problems traveling to their stores some of which have been closed and transport of inputs have been delayed to retail outlets.

The partnership has implemented plans to counter the Covid 19 pandemic in the regions in which it operates. This includes producing awareness materials that have been distributed widely within the  associations and agrodealer networks.