Partners meet farmers and agrodealers in Rotunda

The partners spent the day earlier this month with farmers and agrodealers understanding how the programme was impacting their livelihoods. Demo plots were set up earlier in the month. Here at Dzidzai Muvo farmer association the BAGC Inputs partnership has been working with farmers planting and fertilising green bean plots.

The 2019 late season showed significant improvements in productivity for many of the farmers working within the Inputs Partnership.

Yield increases did not just occur with horticultural crops. Farmers have also been introduced to new maize varieties being introduced by our partner K2 Seeds. Here is the leader of the Mukai Kwaedza farmers association showing off the cobs from his farm. Farmer access to seeds and other inputs is being stimulated by the Partnership ensuring that the local agro-dealers have sufficient and relevant inputs in stock. This has been one of the major activities in 2019 ensuring that rural agro dealers have stock in place as and when the partnership introduces demonstration plots to farmers in the regions. Creating demand for product is one thing, but ensuring that stock is available is also essential helping farmers increase productivity and revenues.