The Inputs Partnership under the guidance of the BAGC secretariat is gearing up for a series of farmer field days in the clusters.

We have over the past six month been organising at least one field day a month bring together farmers, agrodealers and our partners Bayer, K2Seeds and Yara. Yesterday the partners gathered with farmers at Nhamanembe in the Manica cluster to review and discuss how the response to carefully applied inputs is boosting not only yields but also the quality of their produce.

Field days represent the final stages in the hands on training of farmers. The process involves establishment of farmer managed nurseries and active involvement of farmers in implementing good agricultural practices within the demonstration plots.

Moving forward our plans is to widen the range of crops under demonstration as well as improve availability of inputs through local centres.  Future field days will also serve as inputs fairs where our Partners can bring and directly sell inputs to farmers.