Inputs Partnership – supporting farmers to boost horticulture crop quality

One of the key aims of the Inputs Partnership is not just supporting farmers to increase productivity but also ensure high quality for any horticultural crop destined for the market. The Inputs Partnership is working with extension agents to help drive better quality through the use of correct seeds, crop nutrion and protection.

Cabbages are one of the key crops in the Manica Cluster. At this time of year farmers are making ready for harvest – ensuring that a high quality product enters the market gaining premium prices.

The Inputs Partnership is also supporting farmers in the Manica cluster to identify new markets. One of the key components of this work is in the development of longer term crop and market plans that are discussed and agreed with farmers. By introducing potential new offtakers to the partnership farmers gain a clearer view on what is required in terms of crop type, volumes and timing of harvest; opening up new markets and increasing farm revenues.