The Beira Agricultural Growth Corridor (BAGC) welcomes investors with an interest in creating profitable agriculture in the Beira Corridor. 

The BAGC initiative – A public private partnership attracts and supports new investment to boost agribusiness in the corridor.

The BAGC works with investors in the following ways:

  • Help in locating and assessing potential investment locations
  • Facilitating discussions with local communities to create win-win developments
  • Assist in strengthening Government relations
  • Provide guidance in important areas of legislation and policy
  • Facilitate access to complementary finance
  • Introduce potential partners to enhance and de-risk planned investments

As we enter 2023 the program is looking back at some of the main achievements to date particularly related to the Inputs Partnership Program that BAGC has been managing since 2019. You will find the latest news on the program in newsletters that are now uploaded in the “Blog” section of the website. Take a look!

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